SpaceX Vs. Blue Origin, Who is the winner ?

SpaceX Vs. Blue Origin

First of all let's discuss the main abilities of each of the two companies to know more about who will be the winner..

1-SpaceX has Falcon heavy and Falcon Heavy consists of a structurally enhanced Falcon 9 as the "core" component, with two additional Falcon 9 first stages attached outboard and serve as strap-on boosters, similar to the Delta IV Heavy launcher and Atlas V Heavy and Russian Angara A5V designs. With a payload of 63,800 kg (140,700 lb) to low Earth orbit, 26,700 kg (58,900 lb) to Geostationary Transfer Orbit, and 16,800 kg (37,000 lb) to trans-Mars injection, the Falcon Heavy has more lift capability than any other operating rocket. [60] The rocket was built to meet or beyond all existing human rating standards. The structural safety margins are 40% larger than other rockets' 25%.Falcon Heavy was built from the ground up to transport people into space, and it would allow crewed missions to the Moon and Mars to resume.

2-Blue Origin has New Glenn and New Glenn is a single-configuration heavy-lift launch vehicle named after pioneering astronaut John Glenn. It is capable of sending people and payloads to Earth orbit and beyond on a regular basis. New Glenn will pave the way to space with a reusable first stage designed for 25 trips.The entirely reusable first stage of New Glenn is designed to fly at least 25 times, making it competitive in a number of launch markets. Customers from the civil, commercial, and national security sectors can all benefit from New Glenn's high-performance configuration.New Glenn is a dependable, cost-effective, and high-availability system. The 7-meter fairing has twice the payload volume of any existing launch vehicle, allowing for more satellites and greater capacity to be built in. New Glenn can also launch and land in 95% of weather conditions, giving it a trustworthy option for payload customers.

and from we show in this article we see that the two companies nearly have the same abilities. So, To know who is the winner in this mission is very hard thing and will take more than one article and more than one comparing points which we will discuss in the coming articles as soon as possible to know which company has more abilities to win the race and complete the mission firstly.

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